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Teacher and student one-on-one instruction - private special education school Haworth NJBCCD’s academic program is designed to meet the needs of each of our learners. At the beginning of the school year, our students participate in the school-wide NWEA MAP Assessment, a tool that is designed to assess students at their present level and produce a Core Curriculum Content Standards based report that includes what each student knows as well as what they are ready to learn. From there, our teachers collaborate with aides, specialists, and school leaders to develop a differentiated education plan that meets the needs of each learner. Technology, including iPads, Smart Boards, Chrome Books, and numerous web-based curriculum supports are embedded within our instruction. Along with these tools, we encourage our students and teachers to be as personally creative as possible. At any given time, an observer may walk into a classroom engaged in a lesson using our manipulative based math curriculum, a hands-on science experiment, or a student actively engaged in the lesson being kinesthetically engaged with movement around the room.

Our Orton-Gillingham inspired Reading program sees each student and has implemented a number of successful strategies, including, the Lexia Reading Program. This program meets the Common Core, provides explicit, systematic, personalized learning in the six areas of reading instruction, and delivers norm-referenced performance data and analysis. Furthermore, this program offers the opportunity to learn at home on an iPad or lap top. Reading assessments like the DRA+ ensures the growth of the students, vis a vis consistent and appropriate remediation.

Our program provides a multi-tiered system of support that fosters independence. Our students are enrolled in a Community Based Instruction program that prepares them for the real world. Each class visits our life skills room at least once a week and practices making a bed, sorting clothes, and preparing a snack that can be made at home.

Our students are afforded the opportunity to participate in a number of social and citizenship building activities. These include; a school basketball and cheerleading team, Student Council, our own Girl Scout troop, and Interact Club.

Real Life Learning

When students reach the age of 16 they are enrolled in our Getting REAL Program. This program offers numerous internship options, where students gain valuable experience in securing a full time job upon graduation. We work closely with our young adults to pick an area of interest and subsequently build skills to help reach their goals. Along with on-site training, we continue to teach in the classroom, and include job readiness skills, specifically, resume building, interview practice, money management, citizenship and civics, and social skills. Click here to read some of our student success stories.

The local library, Dunkin Donuts, ShopRite, pet shop, hospital, numerous restaurants are some of the community leaders we collaborate with. Our program works closely with the NJ Department of Developmental Disabilities (NJ DDD) and NJ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (NJ DVRS). We take necessary steps to ensure that our students are in a place where they can succeed independently when it is time to move on from the Bergen Center.

Our student-centered schedule also includes Physical Education, an award-winning art program, and a music program that puts on an exquisite holiday show and spring-time school musical annually. Along with these services, we have a Speech & Language Pathologist who not only sees students individually, but also ‘pushes into class’ to develop speech and language skills. In the students’ natural environments, our program offers the expertise of an Occupational Therapist, who works very closely with teachers and parents, Physical Therapy, and Board Certified Applied Behavior Analyst.

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Photos from Bergen Center for Child Development's post

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