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Female student with Downs syndrome with teacher outside at Bergen Center for Child Development - private special education school in Haworth NJ“My daughter is going to school every day and she loves school now!”

– A BCCD Parent

At Bergen Center for Child Development, we serve a diverse student body from more than 40 communities in Northern New Jersey. Our students come from small rural districts, as well as larger urban districts.

Many of our students have had a history of failure in other settings; some are fearful of school, or have come to believe that school is not a place where they can be successful. We turn that around.

In small, ungraded classrooms of 6-8 students – often times, even fewer – and with a student to staff ratio of 2:1, we help students with intellectual and developmental disabilities meet challenges in areas of academic learning, social learning, behavior, and mobility through a highly individualized approach to instruction.

Our classes are created for students with multiple disabilities, some who also have behavior challenges. Students may have a clinical diagnosis such as autism, Down syndrome, learning disabilities, Asperger’s syndrome, brain injury, emotional disabilities, communication and perceptual disabilities. Our single level building is easy to navigate for students who have mobility challenges

Because we are like a family, everyone knows each child, and each child matters!

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STEM activity: Erupting Apples. We made a chemical reaction using baking soda and vinegar. We like loved watching the eruption!

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Photos from Bergen Center for Child Development's post

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we learned about amate paintings and created our own.

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