African Amercan male student woking with teacher at Bergen Center for Child Development - private special education school in Haworth NJ“My son has learned so much since he has been at Bergen Center for Child Development. He has learned to be very organized and his talents are truly showing.”

– A BCCD Parent

At Bergen Center for Child Development, we offer an intimate learning environment. Students learn in ungraded classrooms where they are grouped based on skill level and instructional needs; they learn in small classes, or 1:1. The curriculum at Bergen Center for Child Development addresses the Core Curriculum Standards in all areas of academic instruction.

It is not just WHAT we teach, but HOW we teach that sets us apart. Using an individualized and differentiated approach, our teachers are able to meet the needs and IEP goals of every student. Technology plays an important role in academic classes and special subject areas, as our staff integrates current technological tools and programs to enhance the learning experience for each student.

To help students generalize skills, they go on outings to municipal buildings, local businesses, shopping centers, malls, and department stores.

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Photos from Bergen Center for Child Development's post

We are so proud of all of our students at Bergen Center and a special congratulations to our students of the month.

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STEM activity: Erupting Apples. We made a chemical reaction using baking soda and vinegar. We like loved watching the eruption!

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Photos from Bergen Center for Child Development's post

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we learned about amate paintings and created our own.

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