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Female student doing speech therapy at Bergen Center for Child Development - private special education school in Haworth NJOur school is staffed by certified and licensed related services professionals who provide individual and group therapy according to each student’s IEP. Services are provided 1:1, in small groups and in the classroom.

Our Speech-language Pathologist works to promote and develop functional communication skills, such as augmentative communication, language boards, and electronic devices. Social communication is emphasized within all aspects of the school setting.

related_services_private_special_educationOur certified and licensed Occupational Therapist provides support services addressing fine motor skills, activities of daily living, visual perceptual skills, and sensory integration.

Our certified and licensed Physical Therapists provide services to address gross motor skills, mobility.

Our certified and licensed Psychologist and full-time Social Worker provide individual and group counseling according to each student’s IEP. We strongly encourage family involvement.

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We are so proud of all of our students at Bergen Center and a special congratulations to our students of the month.

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STEM activity: Erupting Apples. We made a chemical reaction using baking soda and vinegar. We like loved watching the eruption!

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Photos from Bergen Center for Child Development's post

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we learned about amate paintings and created our own.

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